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The Dragon Ball Franchise

What's new with Dragon Ball Online

  • March 2010 Update
More updates have been announced that will bring the game to version 0.90.38
  • March 2010 Update
A slew of updates have been planned throughout the month of march which will bring the game to version 0.90.35.
  • March 2010
The second patch has been announced, but no version update has been linked to it.
  • February 2010 Update
Netmarble has announced an upcoming patch for DBO which will bring the game to version 0.90.29.
  • February 2010
Netmarble Korean opens its Cash Shop for DragonBall Online.
  • January 2010
Netmarble Korean Stress Test on the 9th from 2pm-6pm, and Open beta starting on the 14th.
  • December 2009
Netmarble Korean closed beta Phase 3 applications 3rd-8th. Testing from 9th-13th.
  • November 2009
Netmarble Korean closed beta Phase 2 5th-7th.
  • September 2009
Netmarble Korean closed beta applications started 8th-15th, Testing from 16th-20th.
  • March 2009 Update
Rumor turned out to be an error in translation, officials said that closed beta testing will start in April.
  • March 2009
Closed beta is rumored to have started in Korea however there are conflicting reports regarding this and sources suggest that an open beta might begin sometime in April.
  • January 2009
News has been released suggesting that a Korea only open beta is to go public in the 2nd quarter of 2009.
  • March 2008
NTL released more information via a press release.
  • February 2008
NTL held a Press Conference which released much of the current information regarding DBO.

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