Galactic Frieza Army
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Galactic Frieza Army
Vital statistics
Title Galactic Frieza Army
Leader *Frieza (formerly)
Members *Ginyu Force
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Role Empire
Associates Time Breakers
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Origin not from Earth
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The Planet Trade Organization was a galactic organization or force that was headed by the warlord Frieza and his family. In the game they, like most of the major villainous organizations, work for the main antagonists known as the Time Breakers.

Some time after Frieza's death, the Frieza Force regrouped under the leadership of the Guard Troops, with Wada as the intermediate leader.

The group joined fores with the time breakers in the hopes of resurrecting Frieza, where they became muscle of the Time Breakers. They were involved with the construction of Chocolay Tower and the collection of Dudekamin for the Dark Namekians.

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  • Gun armed trooper
  • hand-to-hand?
  • Blade troopers

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